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......@@ -72,6 +72,16 @@ We use levelDB as a datastore for our server. Our database is being implemented
Currently we use the following sublevels:
- accountCodes => storage for accountCodes and their status. These codes are used to verify a request to create a new website.
- pendingSites => State-storage for website registration and accountCode invalidatiation. This store is used during the create website process.
### Accountcodes
Accountcodes can be generated and listed with a separate script in the accountcodes folder.
The following commands are defined:
* node /accountcodes/codes.js --help to get a list of all supported commands
* node /accountcodes/codes.js list to list all accountcodes
* node /accountcodes/codes.js create -a (number) to create a certain number of Accountcodes
Right now accountCodes consist of the following pattern: word1-word2-4 digit random number.
Word1 and word 2 are English words based on the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy while the 4 digits are a random number implemented with a CPRNG based on crypto.
## To do
- We should add an authentication scheme to connect with /usercode and other administration related routes on the hello server.
"Het antwoord op de ultieme vraag over het Leven, het Universum, en Alles"
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