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# magic-website-factory
# Magic Website Factory
Mock implementation of domain registration and server setup for the Indienet project.
For more information, please see [](
## Notes
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## About
This project uses [Feathers]( An open source web framework for building modern real-time applications.
## Getting Started
Getting up and running is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Make sure you have [NodeJS]( and [npm]( installed.
2. Install your dependencies
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npm start
## Testing
## Deployment
Simply run `npm test` and all your tests in the `test/` directory will be run.
We are currently testing deployments with the following git remote:
## Scaffolding
git remote add deploy
Feathers has a powerful command line interface. Here are a few things it can do:
You will need SSH access to the server to test the deployment.
$ npm install -g @feathersjs/cli # Install Feathers CLI
To deploy:
$ feathers generate service # Generate a new Service
$ feathers generate hook # Generate a new Hook
$ feathers generate model # Generate a new Model
$ feathers help # Show all commands
git push deploy master
## Help
To tail the logs on the server, SSH to and then:
For more information on all the things you can do with Feathers visit [](
dokku logs magicwebsitefactory -t
## Changelog
- Initial release
- Work in progress.
## License
Copyright (c) 2016
Copyright (c) 2018, (c) 2018
Licensed under the [MIT license](LICENSE).
Licensed under the [AGPL](LICENSE).
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