Add information notices to unimplemented sections

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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
"bio": "Cyborg Rights Activist",
"profileImage": "/profile-image.jpg",
"backgroundImage": false,
"backgroundColour": "lightblue",
"backgroundColour": "#73D8FF",
"privateKey": "encrypted private key",
"publicKey": "public key"
......@@ -10,10 +10,12 @@
<textComposer @composerChange='composerChange' v-if='signedIn'/>
<pre style='word-break: break-word;' v-if='signedIn'>{{ composerContent }}</pre>
<b-tab-item label="Everyone" :disabled='!configured'><!-- Nothing yet. --></b-tab-item>
<b-tab-item label="Everyone" :disabled='!configured'><b-message type='is-info' has-icon><strong>Nothing yet.</strong> Federated posts will go here.</b-message></b-tab-item>
<b-tab-item label='Search' :disabled='!configured'><search /></b-tab-item>
<b-tab-item label="Settings" v-if='signedIn || !configured'><settings /></b-tab-item>
<b-tab-item label="…" v-if='signedIn || !configured' :disabled='!configured'><!-- “More” tab: other features will go here. --></b-tab-item>
<b-tab-item label="…" v-if='signedIn || !configured' :disabled='!configured'>
<b-message type='is-info' has-icon><strong>Nothing yet.</strong> Additional features will be listed here.</b-message>
<!-- Follow modal -->
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