Commit f1ee5215 authored by Jakob Borg's avatar Jakob Borg

discosrv: Clean up debug logging

parent c237beeb
......@@ -107,16 +107,14 @@ func limit(addr *net.UDPAddr) bool {
if bkt.TakeAvailable(1) != 1 {
// Rate limit exceeded; ignore packet
if debug {
log.Printf("Rate limit exceeded for", key)
log.Println("Rate limit exceeded for", key)
return true
} else if debug {
log.Printf("Rate limit OK for", key)
} else {
if debug {
log.Printf("New limiter for", key)
log.Println("New limiter for", key)
// One packet per ten seconds average rate, burst ten packets
limiter.Add(key, ratelimit.NewBucket(10*time.Second, 10))
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