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A singleton that broadcasts touch events from the main window as notifications. See the demo app for a use case (to find out the location of a link that was clicked in a WKWebView).
**This is the Swift 3 branch.**
See `master` branch for the current release (Swift 2.2.1) version and the `swift-2.3` branch for the Swift 2.3 version.
## Installation
[![Carthage compatible](](
......@@ -10,6 +14,12 @@ Run the `./install` script to install the dependencies for the demo apps.
See the [detailed installation instructions](#detailed-installation-instructions), below, for instructions on how to add Delay to your own apps.
To include the Swift 3 version in your own projects, please make sure you specify the swift-3 branch in your Cartfile:
git "" "swift-3"
## Getting started
Run the `./dev` script and play with the iOS demo app.
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