Unverified Commit 2323f6f3 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan
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Fixed showing of received attachment links in Finder.

parent ac4e4f1b
......@@ -469,8 +469,11 @@ class TimelineViewController: NSViewController, WKNavigationDelegate
// It’s a different person
let rootPath = NSHomeDirectory().stringByAppendingPathComponent("/Pulse/Sync/3. All your friends/from/")
let filePath = (rootPath as NSString).stringByAppendingPathComponent("\(theCommand)/\(downloadFolder)/\(downloadFileName)")
let rootPath = NSHomeDirectory().stringByAppendingPathComponent("/Pulse/Sync/2. Specific friends/\(theCommand)/")
let filePath = (rootPath as NSString).stringByAppendingPathComponent("from/\(downloadFolder)/\(downloadFileName)")
println("About to show attachment at path: \(filePath)")
NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace().selectFile(filePath, inFileViewerRootedAtPath: rootPath)
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