Commit fdc8f7c6 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan

Removed log messages.

parent 4c726a0a
......@@ -153,16 +153,12 @@ module.exports = (app) ->
personsName = "Anonymous (#{conversationTimelineForPerson})"
console.log friends
for friend in friends
friendKeyComponents = friend.key.split('_')
if friendKeyComponents[1] == conversationTimelineForPerson
if friendKeyComponents[0] != ''
console.log "Person’s name: #{personsName}"
personsName = friendKeyComponents[0]
# TODO: Add the formatters to the messages themselves so we don’t have to duplicate them on the client.
# Reverse the message order to match that of the Cocoa client.
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