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Updated the deployment docs.

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......@@ -42,7 +42,14 @@ We use `dokku-persistent-storage` plugin to map that location to the /public/vid
** NOTE: ** Until [issue 579]( is merged into Dokku, we have to manually patch Dokku to add the include statement that loads in the custom nginx configuration.
Apply [this patch]( to `~/dokku/plugins/nginx-vhosts/post-deploy`.
Apply [this patch]( to `/var/lib/dokku/plugins`.
** NOTE: (From the asshattery dept.) The `~/dokku/plugins/nginx-vhosts/post-deploy` isn’t used so don’t apply the patch there like I first did and then tear your hair out.
For reference, contents of usr/local/bin/dokku:
export DOKKU_ROOT=${DOKKU_ROOT:="/home/dokku"}
export PLUGIN_PATH=${PLUGIN_PATH:="/var/lib/dokku/plugins"}
### Use case
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