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Massaged the desktop detection message so that it still makes sense even if...

Massaged the desktop detection message so that it still makes sense even if the detection fails. Now also changing the first button’s label to make it clear that desktop machines have to select a video and cannot record one.
parent a06e23a9
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ h1
#mobile-notice {
display: none;
text-align: center;
......@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@
<a href=''><img id='indie-logo' src='images/hope.png' alt=''></a>
<h1>Sixty seconds to freedom. <em>#iamindie</em></h1>
<p id='mobile-notice' class='warning'><strong>Please note, this site only works on mobile devices</strong>. We’re using a feature that only works on mobile web browsers (desktop browsers have not implemented it yet) so please make sure to try this on your phone.</p>
<h1>Thirty seconds for freedom. <em>#iamindie</em></h1>
<h2>Hello, I’m _______ and I’m indie because…</h2>
<p id='mobile-notice' class='warning'>(On a mobile device you can record a video directly from your device by tapping the button below. On desktop/notebook computers, please record a video in your favourite video app and select it using the button below.)</p>
<label class='button-general fileContainer' id='video-button'>
<img id='camera-icon' src='images/camera.png'>
1. Record a video
<span id='first-button-label'>1. Record a video</span>
<!-- This is the only reliable way to style the butt-ugly file upload control. -->
<input id='video-upload' name='my-video' type='file' accept='video/*' capture>
......@@ -111,6 +111,8 @@ window.mobilecheck = function() {
if (!window.mobilecheck()) { // this is extremely dubious. Because Android Nexus 7 comes up as "not a mobile", yet is smarter than 5s... = 'block';
var firstButtonLabel = document.getElementById('first-button-label')
firstButtonLabel.innerHTML = '1. Select a video'
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