Commit 446b21c5 authored by Jakob Borg's avatar Jakob Borg

Package descriptions for godoc

parent b3c2ffc9
// Package auto contains auto generated files for web assets.
package auto
// Package buffers manages a set of reusable byte buffers.
package buffers
const (
// Package cid provides a manager for mappings between node ID:s and connection ID:s.
package cid
type Map struct {
// Package discover implements the node discovery protocol.
package discover
// Package fileset provides a set type to track local/remote files with newness checks.
package fileset
import "sync"
// Package protocol implements the Block Exchange Protocol.
package protocol
// Package scanner implements a file system scanner and hasher.
package scanner
// Package xdr implements an XDR (RFC 4506) encoder/decoder.
package xdr
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