Commit 2ae19636 authored by Oskar Kalbag's avatar Oskar Kalbag
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Added ability to create hairline (1px) borders by adding hairline value to border mixins.

parent 61dd8ba6
......@@ -139,18 +139,19 @@ max-height()
abstract-border(borderType, borderArgs, originalArguments)
value = borderArgs[0];
style = borderArgs[1];
color = borderArgs[2];
// Only 'none'
if typeof(value) is 'unit'
style = borderArgs[1];
color = borderArgs[2];
if unit(value) == 'px'
{borderType} unit(value, 'px') style color
{borderType} unit(value/16, 'rem') style color
{borderType} value style color
else if value is 'hairline'
// Since we lose the ability to create 1px borders, a little extension.
{borderType} unit(1, 'px') style color
{borderType} originalArguments
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