Commit f2331af9 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan
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Reverted the HalfLineHeight value.

parent 09685f7f
......@@ -244,15 +244,11 @@ hyphens(value)
// Helpers (using line height as your unit of scale for vertical/horizontal rhythm.)
r = (a / b)
return unit(r, 'px')
// This is the default root line height
baseLineHeight = 24
QuarterLineHeight = baseLineHeight/4 px
HalfLineHeight = dividePixels(baseLineHeight, 2)
HalfLineHeight = baseLineHeight/2 px
ThreeQuartersLineHeight = baseLineHeight*3/4 px
OneLineHeight = baseLineHeight px
OneAndAHalfLineHeights = baseLineHeight*1.5 px
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