1. 20 Aug, 2017 2 commits
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      [WIP] Separate in Coffee and JS folders · 3350c906
      ekaitz authored
          - Made all the compilation scripts in Package.json
          - Move all the coffeescript to its folder:
              - Make it find Static files
              - Make it find Readme
              - Make it find Package.json
              - Make Bootstrap.js work, it needed coffeescript/require
              - Change Cakefile to get the new file locations
          - Move the compiled to JS folder:
              - It runs well: tests, npm start, and all of that
          TODO LIST:
          - Check if it can be imported
          - Correct dev, deploy... and those scripts
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      [WIP] Make the project compilable: · e65cfba5
      ekaitz authored
          Make the project compilable. Still TODO:
          - Make the routes load package.json correctly in build folder:
              Might be solved with other solutions...
          - Make NPM scripts
          - Test everything