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Updated the readme with notes on the access codes and on running under an...

Updated the readme with notes on the access codes and on running under an Ubuntu VM to match production.
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# Configuration
**TODO:** Implement automatic PulseAPIKey generation and discovery ala Heartbeat. Also: DeviceID
The installation script will create an empty config.json file in the root of the project folder.
"PulseAPIKey": "",
"DeviceID": ""
"DeviceID": "",
"UseAccessCodes": false,
To configure your Waystone installation, go to the Pulse Web UI at `http://localhost:8080`. The installation script should have run Pulse for you. If it's not running, you can find it in the `node_modules/indie-pulse-process/` folder (make sure you run the correct binary for your platform).
......@@ -25,12 +28,16 @@ Once you're in the Web UI, go into the gear menu and select Show ID. This is the
Next, select the Settings option from the gear menu and, in the resulting dialog box, click the button that reads "Generate" under the API Key section. This will generate your API key. Copy that key as the value for the "PulseAPIKey" key in the configuration file.
**Access codes** If you want to limit the people who can access a Waystone instance, use access codes. This way, you can give out invitations to people to join.
# Running (and for testing during development)
This will run the server.
**Note:** Since Waystone will most likely be deployed on a Linux-based system, the way we develop is to run Ubuntu under VMWare with the Waystone folder shared with the guest operating system. We develop on OS X and test on Ubuntu.
Traditional REST API. Messages received are not trusted and replies should not be trusted either. For trusted messages, we use [Pulse]( and the [Teleportation API](#teleportation-api).
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