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Add note on Linux privileged ports when testing via Node binary

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......@@ -199,10 +199,20 @@ git clone
cd app
# Run the app once (so that it can get your Node.js binary
# permission to bind to ports < 1024 on Linux ­– otherwise
# the tests will fail.)
bin/site.js test/site
# You should be able to see the site at https://localhost
# now. Press Ctrl+C to stop the server.
# Run unit tests.
npm test
__Note:__ If you upgrade your Node.js binary, please run `bin/site.js` again before running the tests (or using Site.js as a module in your own app) so that it can get permissions for your Node.js binary to bind to ports < 1024. Otherwise, it will fail with `Error: listen EACCES: permission denied`.
### Install as global Node.js module
After you install the source and run tests:
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