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Instead of an empty string, pass the hostname as the email address

See comment in code as to why these shenanigans are necessary.
parent 5e7acfb5
......@@ -143,10 +143,22 @@ class WebServer {
approvedDomains: [hostname, `www.${hostname}`],
agreeTos: true,
// Instead of an email address, we pass the hostname. ACME TLS is based on
// Greenlock.js and those folks decided to make email addresses a requirement
// instead of an optional element as is the case with Let’s Encrypt. This has deep
// architectural knock-offs including to the way certificates are stored in
// the le-store-certbot storage strategy, etc. Instead of forking and gutting
// multiple modules (I’ve already had to fork a number to remove the telemetry),
// we are using the hostmail in place of the email address as a local identifier.
// Our fork of acme-v02 is aware of this and will simply disregard any email
// addresses passed that match the hostname before making the call to the ACME
// servers. (That module, as it reflects the ACME spec, does _not_ have the email
// address as a required property.)
email: os.hostname(),
// These will be removed altogether soon.
telemetry: false,
communityMember: false,
email: ' ',
// Create an HTTP server to handle redirects for the Let’s Encrypt ACME HTTP-01 challenge method that we use.
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