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Add note about DNS requirements for auto TLS certificate provisioning

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......@@ -164,6 +164,8 @@ The `enable` command sets up your server to start automatically when your server
For example, if you run the command on a connected server that has the domain pointing to it and `` set in _/etc/hostname_, you will be able to access the site at (Yes, of course, []( runs on Site.js.) The first time you hit your live site, it will take a little longer to load as your Let’s Encrypt certificates are being automatically provisioned by ACME TLS.
The automatic TLS certificate provisioning will get certificates for the naked domain and the _www_ subdomain. There is currently no option to add other subdomains. Also, please ensure that both the naked domain and the _www_ subdomain are pointing to your server before you enable your server and hit it to ensure that the provisioning works. This is especially important if you are migrating an existing site.
When the server is enabled, you can also use the following commands:
- `disable`: Stop server and remove from startup.
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