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npm i -g @small-tech/site.js
## Dependencies
Site.js is tries to install the dependencies it needs seamlessly while running. That said, there are certain basic components it expects on a Linux-like system. These are:
- `sudo`
- `libcap2-bin` (we use `setcap` to escalate privileges on the binary as necessary)
If it turns out that any of these are a widespread reason for first-run breakage, we can look into having them installed automatically in the future. Please open an issue if any of these is an issue in your deployments or everyday usage.
Of course, you will need `wget` (or `curl`) installed to download the install script. You can install `wget` via your distribution’s package manager (e.g., `sudo apt install wget` on Ubuntu-like systems).
## Uninstall
To uninstall the native binary (and any created artifacts, like TLS certificates, systemd services, etc.):
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