Update description and keywords in package.json

parent 84539cde
{ {
"name": "@small-tech/site.js", "name": "@small-tech/site.js",
"version": "12.11.0", "version": "12.11.0",
"description": "Develop, test, and deploy your secure static or dynamic personal web site with zero configuration.", "description": "Small Web construction set.",
"keywords": [ "keywords": [
"web server", "web server",
"static site generator", "static site generator",
"dynamic site", "dynamic site",
"hugo", "hugo",
"personal site", "let's encrypt",
"small technology" "mkcert",
"small web",
"web site",
"small technology",
"small tech"
], ],
"main": "index.js", "main": "index.js",
"bin": "bin/site.js", "bin": "bin/site.js",
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