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Update readme with anchor link fixes
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ We exist in part thanks to patronage by people like you. If you share [our visio
- __Includes [Hugo static site generator](#static-site-generation).__
- __[Sync](https://github.com/small-tech/site.js#sync) to deploy__ (uses rsync for quick deployments). Can also [Live Sync](https://github.com/small-tech/site.js#deployment-live-and-one-time-sync) for live blogging, etc.
- __[Sync](#sync) to deploy__ (uses rsync for quick deployments). Can also [Live Sync](#live-sync) for live blogging, etc.
- __Has privacy-respecting [ephemeral statics](#ephemeral-statistics)__. Gives you insight into how your site is being used, not into the people using it.
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