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Complete build script WIP.

parent 7141a2db
......@@ -533,6 +533,14 @@ async function buildBinary () {
const installationScriptTemplatesFolder = path.join(mainSourceDirectory, 'installation-script-templates')
// Check again that the wokring tree is clean. We just did an npm install
// so if the tree is not clean, it’s because the package-lock.json file has
// changed and that means that there is something unexpected in the node_modules.
if (childProcess.execSync('git status').toString().match('working tree clean') === null) {
console.log('❌ Error: Working copy is dirty after npm i. Please take a look at your package-lock.json and commit it before retrying.\n')
// Linux and macOS.
......@@ -560,11 +568,6 @@ async function buildBinary () {
// As we have three different release types, each with a different version, we need to persist
// the template with the other values. Changes should be checked into the repository.
fs.writeFileSync(linuxAndMacOSInstallScriptFile, linuxAndMacOSInstallScript)
console.log('DEBUG EARLY EXIT')
fs.copyFileSync(linuxAndMacOSInstallScriptFile, websitePathForLinuxAndMacInstallScript)
......@@ -698,7 +701,6 @@ async function buildBinary () {
console.log(` • Adding dynamic binary version endpoint for ${releaseChannel} version to Site.js web site.`)
const binaryVersionRoute = `module.exports = (request, response) => { response.end('${binaryVersion}') }\n`
fs.writeFileSync(websitePathForBinaryVersionRouteFile, binaryVersionRoute, {encoding: 'utf-8'})
console.log('\n 😁👍 Done!\n')
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