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Remove note about version 13.0.0 not being ready for production use

(Version 13.0.1, which is ready for production use, has now been deployed.)
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......@@ -351,12 +351,6 @@ The above command will result in the following directory structure on the remote
__Available on Linux distributions with systemd (most Linux distributions, but [not these ones]( or on macOS or Windows).__
__Note: version 13.0.0 is not currently ready for production use.__ Please use [version 12.10.5]( in production until this message is removed. 12.10.5 will auto-update to 13.0.x when [the remaining issues]( have been resolved.
On your live, public server, you can start serving the _my-site_ directory at your _hostname_ as a daemon that is automatically run at system startup and restarted if it crashes with:
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