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Of course, you will need `wget` (or `curl`) installed to download the install script. You can install `wget` via your distribution’s package manager (e.g., `sudo apt install wget` on Ubuntu-like systems).
## Update (as of v12.9.5)
To seamlessly update the native binary if a newer version exists:
site update
This command will automatically restart a running Site.js daemon if one exists. If you are running Site.js as a regular process, it will continue to run and you will run the newer version the next time you launch a regular Site.js process.
## Uninstall
To uninstall the native binary (and any created artifacts, like TLS certificates, systemd services, etc.):
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When the server is enabled, you can also use the following commands:
- `stop`: Stop server.
- `start`: Start server.
- `restart`: Restart server.
- `disable`: Stop server and remove from startup.
- `logs`: Display and tail server logs.
- `status`: Display detailed server information (press ‘q’ to exit).
......@@ -459,9 +472,19 @@ When you `serve` a site at `@hostname` or use the `enable` command, globally-tru
| Serve current folder as daemon | site enable |
| Ditto & also ensure it can rsync via ssh | site enable --ensure-can-sync |
| Get status of daemon | site status |
| Start server | site start |
| Stop server | site stop |
| Restart server | site restart |
| Display server logs | site logs |
| Stop current daemon | site disable |
#### General:
| Goal | Command |
| ----------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Check for updates and update if found | site update |
\* _Alternative, equivalent forms listed (some commands have shorthands)._
## Native support for an Evergreen Web
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