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Closes #37: Add Windows 10 support

parent dbec8c09
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ echo " > Copy dynamic routes"
cp -R .dynamic dist/
# Copy install script.
echo " > Copy install script"
cp installation-script/install dist/install
echo " > Copy installation scripts"
cp installation-scripts/install dist/install
cp installation-scripts/windows dist/windows
echo "\nDone.\n"
......@@ -341,6 +341,10 @@ code > code {
filter: brightness(60%);
#links-to-instructions-for-other-platforms a {
cursor: pointer;
* *
* Terminal *
......@@ -47,13 +47,58 @@
<p>Copy and paste the following command into your Terminal. <strong>Before you pipe any script into your computer, always <a href="">view the source code</a> and make sure you understand what it does.</strong></p>
<pre><code><span id='download-command'>wget -qO-</span> <span class='token string'></span> <span class='token keyword'>| bash</span></code></pre>
<section id='install-linux' class='installation-instructions'>
<pre><code>wget -qO- <span class='token string'></span> <span class='token keyword'>| bash</span></code></pre>
<section id='install-mac'>
<pre><code>curl -s <span class='token string'></span> <span class='token keyword'>| bash</span></code></pre>
<section id='install-windows'>
<h3>Windows 10 (PowerShell on Windows Terminal)</h3>
<pre><code>iex(iwr -UseBasicParsing <span class='token string'></span>).Content</code></pre>
<p id='links-to-instructions-for-other-platforms' hidden>
<strong>Instructions for other platforms:</strong>
<span id='link-linux'><a onClick='displayInstallationInstructionsFor("linux")'>Linux</a> | </span>
<span id='link-mac'><a onClick='displayInstallationInstructionsFor("mac")'>macOS</a><span id='pipe-before-windows'> | </span></span>
<a id='link-windows' onClick='displayInstallationInstructionsFor("windows")'>Windows</a>
// On Macs, use curl, which is installed by default, instead of wget, which is a pain to install.
if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().includes('mac os x')) {
document.querySelector('#download-command').innerText = 'curl -s'
// Progressively enhance the installation instructions to only show the ones for the
// detected platform (with links to the others), if we can detect a supported platform.
const userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()
let currentPlatform = 'unknown'
if (userAgent.includes('linux')) { currentPlatform = 'linux' }
if (userAgent.includes('mac os x')) { currentPlatform = 'mac' }
if (userAgent.includes('windows')) { currentPlatform = 'windows'}
function displayInstallationInstructionsFor(currentPlatform) {
if (currentPlatform !== 'unknown') {
// Show the instructions for the detected platform and hide the ones for the other platforms.
['linux', 'mac', 'windows'].forEach(platform => {
document.querySelector(`#install-${platform}`).hidden = !(platform === currentPlatform)
document.querySelector(`#link-${platform}`).hidden = (platform === currentPlatform)
// Cosmetic: don’t show the last separator if there’s no content after it.
document.querySelector('#pipe-before-windows').hidden = (currentPlatform === 'windows')
// Show links to instructions for other platforms.
document.querySelector('#links-to-instructions-for-other-platforms').hidden = false
<h2 id="uninstall">Uninstall</h2>
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