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Improve syntax highlighting of example

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......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ module<span class="token punctuation">.</span><span class="token function-variab
<p>For example, to create <a href=''>a very basic chat app</a>:</p>
<pre><code>mkdir <span class="token keyword">-p</span> <span class="token string">basic-chat</span>/.dynamic/.wss</code>
<code>touch basic-chat/.dynamic/.wss/chat.js</code>
<code>touch basic-chat/.dynamic/.wss/<span class="token string">chat.js</span></code>
<code><span class="token comment"># Add the code below to chat.js.</span></code>
<code>site <span class="token string">basic-chat</span></code></pre>
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