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<h2>Get started in 30 seconds.</h2>
<aside id='switch-auto-detect'></aside>
<ol id='install'>
<h3>Install Site.js.</h3>
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<p><strong>Do the same thing on a VPS server</strong> and start the server using <code>site enable</code> and you’ll have a secure production web daemon that survives errors/reboots and auto-updates itself.</p>
<h2>Static sites</h2>
<h2>Static sites with Hugo</h2>
<p>The type of site you just created is an old-school static site. You can create static sites with Site.js using plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Site.js will automatically serve any files it finds in the folder you start it on as static files.</p>
<p>For larger sites, hand-rolling your static site might become cumbersome. That’s why Site.js comes bundled with the <a href=''>Hugo static site generator</a>.</p>
<h2>Static site generation</h2>
<p>To create a new Hugo site and start serving it:</p>
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<aside class='tip'>
<h3>How it works</h3>
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<h2 id="dynamic">Dynamic sites</h2>
<h2 id="dynamic">Dynamic sites with DotJS</h2>
<p>Site.js does not limit you to creating and serving fully static sites. You can easily add dynamic functionality to your static sites or create fully dynamic sites.</p>
<p>The easiest way to get started with dynamic sites is to use DotJS. DotJS gives you PHP-like simplicity in JavaScript using simple <code>.js</code> files.</p>
<p>Follow along to create a very basic dynamic site that updates a counter every time the home page is reloaded.</p>
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