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# Site.js web site
The web site for Site.js with an interactive presentation to demonstrate it in use.
Source code for [the Site.js web site](
## Install
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You might find these components useful in your own projects:
* [Browser presentation](js/browser-presentation.js): an in-browser browser with location-bar typing animations and animated refresh.
* [Terminal presentation](js/terminal-presentation.js): an in-browser terminal presentation system with Typed.js for typing animations.
* [Inline CSS and JS](_build/inline-css-and-js.js): script that inlines CSS and JS into the HTML during the build process.
* [Inline SVG](_build/inline-svg.js): script that inlines SVG into the HTML during the build process.
## Like this? Fund us!
[Small Technology Foundation]( is a tiny, independent not-for-profit.
We exist in part thanks to patronage by people like you. If you share [our vision]( and want to support our work, please [become a patron or donate to us]( today and help us continue to exist.
## Copyright
© 2019-2020 [Aral Balkan](, [Small Technology Foundation](
## License
Copyright ⓒ 2019 Aral Balkan. Released under AGPLv3 or later.
[AGPL version 3.0 or later.](
Made with ♥ by [](
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<!-- Yes, this has to be coded like it’s 1999 for it to work, sadly. -->
<p align='center'><img width='76' src='images/illustations/site.js-logo.svg' alt='Site.js logo: a small sprouting plant with a green leaf on either side of a brown stem'></p>
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