1. 04 Nov, 2020 3 commits
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      Merge commit '62e81215' · 58a314e4
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      Squashed '.hugo/themes/starter-theme/' changes from 2fd9060..2f116aa · 62e81215
      Laura Kalbag authored
      2f116aa Fix error with if or statement as result of Hugo 0.72 bug fix
      6b67964 Merge commit '4b48b98145bfda8497158df4b9b913a7aeab9ab5'
      b30344f Merge commit '6a3f85854635e5c7cba339380e38738abfbb350b'
      9106355 Update the 404 message to include the path (thanks Site.js!)
      b84bcb2 Create custom 404 page (which now works with Site.js)
      554fe92 Plainify summaries and wrap in <p> element
      568004f Plainify summaries used as meta descriptions
      d4b78a9 Split readmore paragraph/link into own partial
      bd65f2f Split site title into own partial
      2ce3358 Improve indentation in categories partial
      132d492 Split list intro content into partial
      f00ec64 Put space into list title
      0abf1cd Split list title into own partial
      9a5e3b1 Split homepage and list templates to allow for easier overriding
      c936f4a Only display posts list structure if there are posts to display
      2d60908 Add div around intro (_index) content
      98afeb8 Merge
      08febe6 Merge commit 'de6bb20c485a2354e63df76c6515019591be521d'
      b662670 Remove unnecessary margins (we have grid gaps) on photo lists
      1b9f14f Remove unnecessary Go bracketing for comments
      b492d91 Organise CSS according to my rules/principles
      27f7308 Wrote guiding CSS principles to use for organising CSS files
      2a6ecff Fix spacing on meta viewport element
      0d451e3 Comment on function of each CSS file and document in theme readme
      abbb305 Comment CSS files with their purpose and order of concatenation
      50c2e90 Remove <p> wrapping summary to remove extra <p>s being added
      007c1f2 Shrink measure slightly to work better on wider viewports
      375e69a Merge commit '6e7eaa60b4666b46f41da9a55a9626dc0d8e6865'
      ec9db5c Make captions smaller rather than italic
      1648c13 Add long title partial to list taxonomy title
      8d0ffb1 Merge commit '6077b98aa419d2b13e35bb17082162e7d364f8c1'
      b9c7407 Add long title partial to list taxonomy title
      4c251af Fix portrait layout grid
      1cae334 Add long title class (in partial) for styling longer titles
      9ec151f Fix subgrid grid declarations
      1e09720 Improve grid layout further to improve 2-col and 3-col layouts
      0c81118 Rewrite grid layout to simplify and make more readable
      872afff Set measure using clamp so it sticks between 45 and 75 chars wide
      c9cccfe Turn measure into CSS variable for use elsewhere
      57335b9 Add font-display:swap to @font-face comment examples
      6c5fe22 Merge commit 'bebfef168e4950fb7e9748d7144d0891a02d620b'
      0a7f492 Merge typo fix
      26a5cc5 Fix typo
      9fb91f3 Simplify webfont CSS files and update their docs (in comments)
      7cb83b7 Change order of CSS font files to re-enable webfonts
      cb2efb1 Remove base font-family rule which was overriding custom web fonts
      1dd3758 Remove unnecessary variable and condense conditional rule
      7e53304 Add classname to skip link to stop rules clashing with nav
      da308fd Set better vertical alignment for footer links
      a4d4728 Ensure home intro and footer description don’t use empty descriptionLong
      d5e12cb Add support for a longDescription param and fix home intro display
      0378289 Add ability to use HTML/markdown inside date format param string
      git-subtree-dir: .hugo/themes/starter-theme
      git-subtree-split: 2f116aa7f7f3cc4e8db028ad2d47b2ff1c4200f2
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