Commit 20b71b66 authored by Laura Kalbag's avatar Laura Kalbag

Add empty video space to Better homepage

parent b6ab7cb0
......@@ -15,4 +15,6 @@ $image-path = '/assets/stylus/indie-style-core/images/'
@import _layout
@import _funding
@import _navigation
@import _video
@import _videos
@import _newsletter-signup
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -13,6 +13,26 @@
<h1 class='coming-soon'>The Better web is coming on the 1st May</h1>
<div class='px-video-container' id='better-announcement'>
<div class='px-video-img-captions-container'>
<div class='px-video-captions hide'></div>
<div class='px-video-wrapper'>
<video poster='/better/images/poster-better-announcement.jpg' class='px-video' controls>
<!-- video files -->
<source src='//' type='video/mp4' />
<!-- fallback for browsers that don’t support the video element -->
<a href='//'>
<img src='/better/images/poster-better-announcement.jpg' width='640' height='360' alt='download video' />
<!-- end container for captions and video -->
<div class="px-video-controls"></div>
<ul class='callouts footer-callouts'>
<li class='callout support'>
<h2>Upcoming Events</h2>
......@@ -37,5 +57,16 @@
<!-- @import '/assets/includes/_footer.kit' -->
<script src="/assets/js/px-video.js"></script>
// Initialize
new InitPxVideo({
"videoId": "better-announcement",
"captionsOnDefault": false,
"seekInterval": 20,
"videoTitle": "Introducing Better",
"debug": true
\ No newline at end of file
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