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<h1 class='p-name'>Introducing Better for Mac</h1>
<p class='post-date dt-published' datetime='2016-9-13 15:00:00'>13th September, 2016 — <span class='p-author'>Aral Balkan</span></p>
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<p>Hi everyone,</p>
<p>Laura and I have spent the last eight months working on a new app that we’re excited to release today. It’s called <a href=''>Better</a> and it’s a content blocker for iPhone and iPad.</p>
<p>Better is <em>not</em> an ad blocker.</p>
<p>The problem isn’t advertising; it’s <em>behavioural</em> advertising.</p>
<h3>The problem is tracking.</h3>
<img src='images/violations.jpg' alt='Screenshot from Better showing 172 trackers, clickbait and web bugs'>
<figcaption><p>Better protects you from trackers, clickbait, and other similar web malware. The statistics here are from just one site,, which is possibly <a href=''>the worst site on the web</a>).</p></figcaption>
<p>Better is a tracker blocker. It is a web malware blocker. Our goal is to make the web safer, lighter, and faster in line with the principles of <a href='/ethical-design'>ethical design</a>.</p>
<p>Better is <a href=''>free as in freedom</a>, <a href=''>transparent</a>, and <a href=''>open</a>.</p>
<p>Better isn’t yet another indecipherable list of blocking rules cobbled together from various sources. It’s <a href=''>encyclopaedia-style entries</a> on <a href=''>trackers</a> and <a href=''>editorial spotlights</a>. We research and document trackers to create an educational resource and raise public awareness. That resource, <a href=''>via the iPhone and iPad app</a>, becomes a tool to protect ourselves from tracking.</p>
<img src='images/improvements.jpg' alt='Screenshot from Better showing the site is 16.9x safer, 4.0x lighter, and 15.8x faster'>
<figcaption><p>Better makes LifeBuzz – possibly the worst site on the web – safer, lighter and faster.</p></figcaption>
<h3>Does the world need yet another content blocker?</h3>
<p>We feel that it does: <em>a principled one.</em></p>
<p>One that works for <em>you</em>, <a href=''>not for the advertising industry</a>.</p>
<p>One that cannot <a href=''>be bought</a>.</p>
<p>One that exposes <a href=''>the ridiculous human costs of surveillance capitalism</a>.</p>
<p>One that <a href=''>doesn’t make toxic deals</a> with the <a href=''>behavioural advertising industry</a>.</p>
<p>One that <a href=''>fights back</a> when our ability to defend ourselves is threatened.</p>
<p>One that acknowledges and supports <a href=''>those who are trying to do the right thing.</a></p>
<h3>Let’s make the web better.</h3>
<p>Better is different, because <em>we</em> are different.</p>
<p>We do not work for the advertising industry. We work for <em>you</em>.</p>
<p>We are <a href='/team'>a two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise</a> working for social justice in the digital age.</p>
<p>Our business model is simple: <a href=''>we sell Better on the App Store</a>. If enough people buy it, we subsist and continue to work on Better and <a href='/heartbeat/'>Heartbeat</a>.</p>
<p>The launch of Better marks a new chapter in the history of <a href='/'></a>. After two years, it is our first product available to the general public. It is also our hope for reaching sustainability.</p>
<p>We appreciate your support and continued friendship.</p>
<p>Thank you for helping us make the web better.</p>
<p class='with-love'>With love,</p>
<p>Aral and Laura</p>
<p class='ps'>PS. Please tell your friends about Better – we need all the help we can get to spread the word! :)</p>
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<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2016-9-13 15:00:00' class='dt-published'>13th Sep, 2016</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='better'>Introducing Better for Mac</a></h2>
<p class='p-summary'>Today we’re releasing <a href=''>Better for Mac</a>, alongside Better for iPhone and iPad.
<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2016-6-3 15:00:00' class='dt-published'>3rd Jun, 2016</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='better'>Introducing Better</a></h2>
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