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Add Bloovi interview to Press

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<p class='intro'>For press inquiries, please email Laura Kalbag at <a href=''></a>.</p>
<div id='bloovi' class='news-callout'>
<a href=''><img src='images/logo-bloovi.png' alt='Bloovi'/></a>
<h3>“We mogen niet alles overnemen wat uit Silicon Valley komt aanwaaien. We moeten onze eigen koers leren varen”</h3>
<p>“We shouldn’t copy everything that comes from Silicon Valley. We [in Europe] need to do it our own way” Aral was interviewed by Thomas Van den Elzen</p>
<p class='end-link'><a href='' >Read the full article on the Bloovi website (in Dutch)</a>.</p>
<div id='cityam' class='news-callout'>
<a href=''><img src='images/logo-cityam.png' alt='CityAM'/></a>
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