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margin-top TwoLineHeights
margin-bottom OneLineHeight
@media only screen and (min-width: 820px)
font-size 64px
line-height ThreeLineHeights
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/* This is where we pull in all our stylus partials to compile a full stylesheet */
/* Tell the core where to find itself (absolute path) */
$font-path = '../../assets/stylus/indie-style-core/fonts/'
/* The core must go first, as it has the CSS reset and other base rules */
@import '../../assets/stylus/indie-style-core/_core'
/* apparently if you have the path for the first @import, it'll automatically find all the others */
@import '../../assets/stylus/_footer'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_funding'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_layout'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_funding'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_navigation'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_newsletter-signup'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_video'
@import '../../assets/stylus/_videos'
@import _you-wont-believe
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