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title: "Discrimination’s Digital Frontier"
date: 2019-04-15T14:57:29+01:00
type: ["radar"]
author: "Laura Kalbag"
image: "/radar/discriminations-digital-frontier/image.jpg"
postURL: ""
forumLink: ""
publication: "The Atlantic"
writer: "Aaron Rieke and Corrine Yu"
tags: ["discrimination", "ads", "Facebook"]
> “A recent [study]( led by researchers at Northeastern University and the University of Southern California shows that, given a large group of people who might be eligible to see an advertisement, Facebook will pick among them based on its own profit-maximizing calculations, sometimes serving ads to audiences that are skewed heavily by race and gender.”
> “An ad system that is designed to maximize clicks, and to maximize profits for Facebook, will naturally reinforce these social inequities and so serve as a barrier to equal opportunity.”
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