Verified Commit 9c2ac595 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan
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Add title attributes to video links (image and text)

Now reads as “X speaking on <Title>” and “Watch the video on <Title>” to add context to the image and text links.
parent 2de9af7e
......@@ -18,10 +18,11 @@
src='{{ .RelPermalink }}'
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
alt='{{ .Params.speaker }} speaking on stage.'/>
alt='{{ .Params.speaker }} speaking.'
title='on {{- .Title -}}'/>
<p>{{ .Params.Description }}</p>
<p><a href='{{ .RelPermalink }}'>Watch the video.</a></p>
<p><a href='{{ .RelPermalink }}' title='on {{- .Title -}}'>Watch the video.</a></p>
{{ end }}
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