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# Sign-in spike
# Small Web Protocol sign-in spike
## The example demonstrates
- (Re)generating a person’s key materials from their passphrase.
- Retrieving a Bernstein token from a small web protocol server (e.g., from the current in-development reference implementation, called Place).
- Decrypting a Bernstein token using the person’s private key.
- Making a private web socket connection to the small web protocol server using the decrypted Bernstein token.
This example uses Snowpack and Svelte but Small Web clients can be written using any combination of tools as long as they output a static single-page app that conforms to the small web protocols.
## Authentication
Authentication is done using an asymmetrically-encrypted access token we call a Bernstein Token.
Also demonstrates first example of a place that takes advantage of:
- Snowpack (imports)
- Svelte (.interface files)
For more information, please see [Place](, the very early-stage reference implementation Small Web Protocol Server.
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