Commit a9da2a38 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan
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Start adding setup section

parent 3a748f25
import Navigation from './Navigation.svelte'
import SetupSection from './sections/Setup.svelte'
import HomeSection from './sections/Home.svelte'
import AboutSection from './sections/About.svelte'
import SlidingSection from './sections/Sliding.svelte'
......@@ -35,6 +36,7 @@
<Navigation />
<SetupSection />
<HomeSection />
<AboutSection />
<SlidingSection />
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......@@ -6,5 +6,6 @@ export default [
{ path: '/sign-in', title: 'Sign in'},
{ path: '/sign-out', title: 'Sign out'},
{ path: '/private', title: 'Private'},
{ path: '/setup', title: 'Setup', notInNavigation: true},
{ path: '/404', title: '404: not found', notInNavigation: true}
import Section from "./Section.svelte";
const path = '/setup'
<Section {path} title='Setup'>
<p>Welcome to your new Small Web place.</p>
<p>This is your passphrase, please save it somewhere safe, like a password manager:</p>
this is where the pass phrase goes
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