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Who invented the first flushing toilet? who makes the best toilet?

Opposed to the popular belief, the toilet was not invented by Thomas Crapper. In fact, Sir John Harington was the creator of the first toilet flush on earth, he having invented the “John” nearly 300 years earlier. Sir Harrington-a translator and writer who created a real "toilet" in the palace of Queen Elizabeth who became his godmother in 1591. It is said that she refused to use it because it was too noisy. Harington described his invention in "A New Discourse on a Stale Subject, called the Metamorphosis of Ajax”.

Who invented the flush toilet? Harington’s device called for a 2-foot-deep oval bowl waterproofed with pitch, resin, wax and fed by water from an upstairs cistern. Flushing Harington’s pot required 7.5 gallons of water - a veritable torrent in the time before indoor plumbing. Harington noticed that when water was scarce, more than 20 people could use his commode between flushes. Although Harington installed a working model for Queen Elizabeth at Richmond Palace, it also took several centuries and the Industrial Revolution’s improvements in manufacturing and waste disposal for the flush toilet to catch up with.

In 1775, English inventor Alexander Cumming was gained the first patent for a flush toilet. His greatest improvement over the last designs was the S-shaped pipe below the bowl which, as we’ll know, it is very neccesary to the flushing mechanism. The S-shape of the pipe allows standing water to seal off the toilet from the sewer. The layer of water prevents, for instance, nasty or bad smells from the sewer running up through the toilet.

who makes the best flushing toilet? In 1800, toilet was installed drainage pipe down the drain. During this time, people realized that poor sanitary conditions caused many diseases. Having toilets and sewer systems that could control human waste became a priority to lawmakers, medical experts, inventors, and the general public. In 1829, the Tremont Hotel in Boston became the first hotel to have indoor plumbing; 8 water closets were built by Isaiah Rogers. Until 1840, indoor plumbing could be found only in the homes of the rich and in better hotels. After 11 years - in 1851, the first popularized public water closets were appeared at The Crystal Palace in London and these were considered as the first public toilets. They had staffs dressed in white and customers were charged a penny per once.

On the other hand, in the late 19th century, Thomas Crapper was a plumber and a big advocate of water sanitation, his sanitary engineer company created and patended parts of the modern toilet. Crapper manufactured one of the first widely successful lines of flush toilets. Although Crapper did not invent the toilet, but he did develop the ballcock (float ball) - an improved water tank-filling mechanism still used in toilets today, the patentee of the invention and became the first toilet business. Crapper’s name would become synonymous with the devices he sold (although the English word “crap” predates him by centuries).

So even though he didn’t invent the crapper himself, we still owe him a big thank for helping to bring the product to the masses, overseas during World War I. “Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd” was one of the largest plumbing companies in England. During World War I, millions of American troops were stationed on the island before being separated on the continent. Here is the place that many American soldiers saw a best flushing toilets had the brand labeled on them for the first time in their lives. At the first sight they feel very strange with the relatively new-fangled invention, referred to the toilets as “crappers” - due to the Crapper brand’s popularity in England and France. These doughboys calling toilets as “The Crapper” and brought that slang term for the toilet back with them after the war to the United States.

In conclusion, not just one individual is known in our history as the creator of the toilet but many have made their contribution to the single most significant product which helps us to promote and protect good health for people all over the world.


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